About us

Baked in Blagdon, originally set up by Catherine Gliddon, is an offspring of Elaine's Kitchen, an established catering company based in Blagdon. After 3 years in business, Catherine and Rebecca (Gliddon sisters) set up a partnership and now jointly run Baked in Blagdon. Having worked for Elaine (our mum) at Elaine’s Kitchen for over 15 years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from our mum and continue to learn and grow with our business.

Baked in Blagdon uses quality local produce and the finest ingredients available for our cooking and baking.

Living in North Somerset we are privileged to have a vast array of local quality produce. We use the local Butcher in Blagdon and local Farm Shop for all our organic meat, local dairies for cream, cheese and milk and our salad and vegetables come from a fresh produce distributor a couple of villages away.